The Larkin Family “Vacation” 2009

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Jon and I have been hoarding our vacation days all year long, in preparation for Owen’s arrival in September. Before last week, we’d taken only two half-days, to travel to The Woodlands in April and May. So, we were looking forward to relaxing on the two days we took off to drive to San Antonio for a visit to SeaWorld with the Larkin cousins, their parents, and Nan and Papa.

Our days off weren’t necessarily relaxing, but Max had fun, and that’s all that matters. However, we’re EXHAUSTED…

Thursday morning, we had almost everything packed in the car and were busily rushing around the house taking care of the last-minute preparations before leaving. It was amidst this chaos that Max made the unfortunate discovery of the hot iron, just as I was turning around to put my shirt on the ironing board. He only touched it for a second, but it was enough time to cause a second-degree burn across most of his left palm. We spent a tense couple of hours at the ER while they treated the burn and bandaged him up.

They also loaded him with enough pain killers to knock him out in less than an hour (this was their estimate), and released us to go to San Antonio. However, Max had different ideas, and only slept 20 minutes (about 2.5 hours after getting the meds). Needless to say, it was a long 6+ hours until we got to San Antonio.

We have been incredibly blessed that Max was a trouper throughout the entire weekend. There were even times when he seemed to forget that he was injured, thanks to his fun cousins.

Watermelon also helps.

Max seemed to really enjoy SeaWorld. He saw dolphins and sea lions and beluga whales and penguins, and of course, Shamu. He may still be a little young to fully “get it”, but he smiled alot and danced to the music during the shows. At the end of the night, as usual, he was more excited about seeing the moon than anything else.

Dolphins are also exciting.

Saturday, we all relaxed around the hotel, which was fun. Max enjoyed watching his cousins playing in the pool in the afternoon. After dinner, he ran around with his cousins, screaming and laughing as they played hide and seek and peek-a-boo. I was a nervous wreck, as we tried to keep Max from accidentally popping the burn blister on his hand. Luckily, the blister survived the weekend, as did our nerves.

Sunday was another long day on the road. Again, Max decided that sleep was overrated, so it was a long drive keeping him entertained. Nevertheless, we were all thrilled to be home.

Monday, we went to the pediatrician, so he could look at Max’s hand. He immediately sent us to a plastic surgeon, which was very scary for us. However, as usual, Max took everything in stride. The plastic surgeon removed all of the “unnecessary bits” from Max’s wound and bandaged him back up. She’s assured us that he has no deep tissue damage and will be just fine in a few weeks.

Note: Jon can’t resist putting in his version, so here it is. Enjoy.

It was a sunny, bustling Thursday morning. We were looping around each other in the house as we prepared for our journey to San Antonio. Little did we realize that doom was lurking in the laundry room. It began quietly enough. The quiet thump of a plug hitting the socket. The creak of the board as it was settled into place. The light click of the element as it reached full temperature. Then…it came for him…

Insert cliche ominous Latin chanting. Preferably the theme song from The Omen.

Yes, for the first time in his life, Max got to visit the ER. Well, the first time for an injury he sustained rather than one sustained by his dad. Judging by the number of frantic phone calls we’ve received, I’m guessing pretty much everyone has already seen the blister photo. For those who haven’t, I’ll hide it behind a link to allow you the option of exposing yourself to the horror. Per the request of some family members, we’ve also uploaded some photos of how everything is looking now, including the post-rupture and one taken this evening to reassure you that things are getting better.

San Antonio was really a lesson in opposites for us. While we had a good time, it was always overshadowed by concern for Max’s injury (not to mention Christy’s well being…it’s a bit warm out there). I think perhaps the best illustration of this phenomenon comes in the form of two photos. The first is the watermelon photo from above. The second is this one:

The overshadow.

Here’s hoping he recovers quickly. We have a lot of work to do before little Owen gets here.

We didn’t really post very many photos this round, but really it would be tough to pick just a few to post from the backlog we developed over the weekend. Perhaps the best way to handle it is to just post links to all of the sets we’ve posted over the last week.

San Antonio, Volume 1.

San Antonio, Volume 2.

Max – Burn Recovery and Wrestling.

Lots of good photos of the kids and Max generally having a good time. Have a good rest of the week, everyone.

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