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Hey, looks like I actually got around to getting these videos ready to post. Enjoy!

First, a few of the random ones from the last few weeks.


Working on it…

Putting Him to Work

The scary part is he’s not too bad at it.


Pretty impressive.

We unfortunately didn’t get a ton of video from the weekend in San Antonio (and some of it just didn’t turn out), but we did capture a few entertaining moments.

It’s Big, It’s Heavy, It’s Wood

Checking out the log ride at Sea World.


Ahh, the entertainment value of an exposed midriff.

And that’s it! We’ll see if we can crank out a post next week, since we’re a bit exhausted from all the work we’re doing to get ready for little Owen.

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Jo Ann Fogle 27 July 2009

BOY I think he is going to have rhythm–
Your mom called me this morning when she saw his hand at 5:30 am–I pulled him up right quick and mercy—that must have scared you two and little Max—OUCH!!!! I put him on the prayer list this morning…and kept him in my prayers all day.
Millie called me back this afternoon–THANK GOODNESS–he doesn’t have to have plastic surgery or anything else.
Jo Ann


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