More Calm Before the Storm

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You could call this “the calm before the storm”, if by “calm” you mean running around like headless chickens, busily finishing up things around the house, cooking/freezing meals for later, and trying to entertain Max as much as we can during the process. We have managed to squeeze in a few fun times, and Max is surprising us left and right with how smart he is.

Saturday, we had the Dudeks over for a playdate. Max spent the entire day chanting “Mitey, Mitey!” in anticipation of Mikey’s arrival. We don’t get to see Mikey in person as often as we would like or should, but Max follows along with his photos and videos each week. So, course when Mikey’s actually here, Max clams up (as usual). The only word we seemed to get out of him was “MINE” as Mikey made his way through all of Max’s toys. I know WE didn’t teach him that (the joys of day care). We are now actively trying to scrub the word from his vocabulary, or to at least teach him the appropriate times to use it.

During the visit, we all went down to the pool. The boys (all four of them) had a blast! It’s so funny to watch Max become a little rough-houser (and Jon revert to his much younger self) when they all get together and start playing. The boys splashed each other for a good while before we finally had to leave.

Yes, Jon is stalking him.

Luckily, Max doesn’t seem to mind.

Nora snapped the best picture of the day, so I’m borrowing it from her to share with everyone.

They had so much fun dousing each other with water!

Max is still asking us for Mikey to come “splash”, so hopefully we’ll be able to do it again before the weather cools.

We ran errands yesterday, then hung out at the house for the rest of the day. I think our Saturday wore us out! Today, we started out with yummy waffles (thanks, honey!) and we’ve done more cleaning and preparing of the house for the grandparents’ visits next week.

Max being cute on Monday 🙂

We’re continually amazed by the words (and now phrases) that Max has learned lately. On the way to daycare on Friday, Max caught me smiling at him in the rearview mirror. I said “I see you”, to which he responded with a grin “I SEE YOU!”

I See You

The phrase then made its way to the dinner table last night:

My other new favorite is “God Bless You!”. He sneezed in the car last week, so I said “God Bless You!”, which he quickly repeated. Imagine my surprise this morning when Jon sneezed and Max said “Goblessyou!” before I could say it! I can’t wait to see what other phrases he picks up in the coming months!

We hope everyone enjoys their short week. We’ll be packing our hospital bags and writing lists/schedules for the grandparents. Just a week to go, now! Get ready for the next wave of 100+ baby photos next week!

(side note: We now have almost 10,000 photos in iPhoto. 9350 of them have been taken since Max was born. SHEESH!)

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