Week One of Owen

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It’s been one crazy week for the Larkin family! Last Tuesday, we welcomed our newest little man, Owen Beckett.

Here we go again.

It’s been an extremely busy week for us all. Luckily, we all survived the days apart while I was in the hospital with Owen, and we’re now starting to settle into some sort of routine here at home.

Pretty much everyone who sees Owen says he looks just like Max did when he was born. We’ll admit that they are very, very similar, with a few subtle differences.

Totally different. Owen is bending his right arm, Max isn’t.

We’ve been blessed that, so far, Owen’s temperament also seems to mimic his brother’s. He’s really laid back, unless you’re changing him. He sleeps well, with the exception of the time after his 3am-ish feeding, when he wants to party with his daddy (though, we’re doing what we can on that one).

We’ve also been blessed that Max LOVES his little brother. When he comes home from daycare, he always wants to kiss Owen’s head and tickle his toes. If Owen utters a peep, Max is quick to say “uh oh” and check on his brother. He’s also tried to share his sippy cup and his breakfast/dinner with him (Owen needs to eat!). Here’s hoping he continues to love him as Owen gets older and starts playing with all of his old toys!

Our life hasn’t been the most exciting since being home. It’s pretty much feed Owen, change Owen, play with or read to Max while Owen feeds or sleeps, wash baby laundry, change Max, feed Max (and us), wash baby laundry, change Owen, feed Owen, bathe Max, put Max to bed, change Owen, wash baby laundry, feed Owen, try to squeeze in a few hours sleep, change Owen, feed Owen… (you get the idea).

So, instead of boring you with the details, here are some great snapshots of Owen’s first week.

Only a few days old and already comfortable looking at the camera. His daddy is pleased.

We had to share this. On “going home day”, I was feeding Owen when this appeared in our window. Max thought it was Daddy!

Our first family photo, taken (finally!) on going home day. Did we mention that Max is entering the “twos” and doesn’t want to cooperate with cameras anymore?

Hanging out with Mommy and Daddy at home. Look at those chicken legs!.

My name is “Owen”. It starts with an O!!!!!

This week hasn’t all been about Owen. Max has had a few surprises for us as well. One of our favorite things to do lately is to sing songs with Max. He has a few favorites. However, his latest favorite threw us for a loop. We were shocked to realize that he knew so much of it.

No more monkeys!

Combining Max’s favorite song with his newfound love of the word “No”.

He actually knows a little more of the song since we took this…I’m guessing he’ll be singing the whole thing in a month or so.

There are quite a few more photos out on Flickr:

Owen’s birthday

Owen – Days 3-6

More of Owen – Week One

We’ll try to upload more as we get them. Have a great week!

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