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It was a long weekend in the Larkin house. Max was sick, so we spent most of our time at home juggling the two little ones. However, we did manage several moments of cuteness to share with the world.

Yet again this week, our world involves some not-so-pleasant bodily functions that kids, especially those confined to diapers, are prone to having from time to time. Since we talked quite a bit about similar issues last week, I’ll just say that Max had some really, really bad diapers this weekend and into Monday. We felt so bad for our little man. He was his usual happy self for the most part, but was kept on a very limited and bland diet, so he was extremely pale by end of the weekend.


Even with Max’s illness, we managed to have some good times here at the house over the weekend. Max played quite a bit, while Owen simply laid around and looked cute. Over the course of the weekend, we realized that Max is picking up new words left and right. We’ll definitely have to start watching what we say carefully, so we don’t teach him anything he shouldn’t repeat!

(Note from Jon: I will not teach him to say “POOP EVERYWHERE!”)

— Jon takes over, since we’ve been too busy to have one person finish a whole entry —

I just asked Christy if we had much of anything else happen this week, and we both seemed to agree that not much is going on beyond trying to get into the old patterns. Sleep, change, feed, swaddle, walk around, sleep a little, change, feed, swaddle, walk around, sleep, wake up the big guy, eat, feed, swaddle, etc. Lots and lots of fun, really.

We did find out a few things. First, Max is no longer completely averse to wearing hats.

When it comes to cleaning, we’ll take whatever help we can get.

Second, he will not complain if you put him in a box.

What? It’s form fitting.

Third, he gets very tired after several days of cream of wheat, applesauce, bananas, and pedialyte.

Christy doesn’t seem to mind, though.

As for Owen…well, he’s just chilling for now.

Baby may appear calmer in photos than in real life.

Since we don’t have much more than that (the rest of the pictures can be found here), we thought we’d try to catch up on some of our video backlog.

Tickle Nan

Just a little moment of fun from our week with Nan.


He’s learning Spanish, too.

What do you say?

He does this every time he wants something.


Whatever makes him happy, I guess…

See you next week!

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Nan 08 September 2009

Tooo Cute Max!!! Can’t wait to see you next week to welcome your brother. Love, Nan


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