Chugging Along (a week late)

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OK, so we meant to post this blog last week, but didn’t get around to it.

It was another busy week and weekend with the boys. Last week, Nan was in town for work, so we were able to meet up for a nice, but too short, dinner. The weather cooperated for a day or two, so we were able to make it down to the park so Max could play in the dirt a little. We rounded out the weekend with a trip to Sherman to celebrate the family birthdays. All in all, a great time for all of us.

We’re very lucky that Nan’s job brings her to the area each year for conferences and meetings. We always look forward to these visits, even if they’re short, because it allows Max (and now Owen) to get in some Nan time between longer visits. We think Nan likes them as well!

Max helping Nan feed Owen a bottle

Speaking of Owen, he’s continuing to grow and develop into his own little cute self.

Hanging out, looking cute.

… and staring at Daddy.

After our Nan visit, we were lucky enough to have some decent weather, so we could walk down to the park with the boys. Max almost always likes to go to the park, but his favorite part of the trip seems not to be the park equipment. He likes the slides and “wheels” on the jungle gyms, but he likes playing in the dirt/mulch much, much more!

Yay! Dirt!

Yay! Mulch!

Last Sunday, we made the trip up to Sherman to celebrate the October birthdays. It was another fun visit. Owen got lots of snuggle time with his Pappaw (who was celebrating his birthday the day before), and Max got lots of time with Pappaw’s Rock Band drums! What can we say, the boy likes music! And, he’s got some serious talent!

Max, having fun with his cousin Jayden.

Rocking some cool beats on the drums.

Owen loved snuggling with Pappaw.

Our family 🙂

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Nan 09 October 2009

Cute Cute Cute!!!!

JoAnn Fogle 10 October 2009

How precious!!!!
You certainly can brings smiles out of folks—so cute———-and smart
Love ya 4

Emma 11 October 2009

I love to watch my cousin Max! My favorite is the video of Max and Nan! I love them both!!!!


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