Halloween 2009

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You know it has been a good Halloween when you ask your son the next day, “Would you like to go to the park?” and he responds “No. I stay home.” because he is too tired to play.

Halloween 2009 was a crazy couple of days for Max. He got to wear his costume to school on Friday for his class’s Halloween party. He was so excited to wear his “doctor suit” and stethoscope. He can even say “stethoscope”, which impressed his teachers.

Max in his costume before heading to day care.

We went up to school to help with the festivities Friday afternoon. Max was the only kid in costume, because the others’ costumes were a bit more involved. However, they were all still adorable and had a blast munching on cupcakes, fruit, and cheese (but mostly the cupcakes!).

The kids were very excited to meet Baby Owen.

What? I’m Doctor Pirate Greenbeard.

Owen wasn’t too impressed.

Happy Halloween, indeed!

In addition to the snacktime party, the daycare also hosted a family Fall Festival Friday night. Max was a bit overwhelmed by all the people there, but he still managed to have fun, especially with Miss Maria (the owner) and her candy bowl!

Hanging out while Mommy and Daddy manned the ball toss booth.


Miss Maria’s candy bowl… oh, and Miss Maria!

Saturday, the big day arrived. Max finally got to meet up with his good buddy, Mikey. We all took a trip to a local mall for some “trick-or-treat training” and dinner. The boys were hysterical at dinner. They had a full conversation while sitting there, though none of us could possibly tell you what they said to each other.

Trick or treating at the mall.

We came back to the house and the dads and their boys walked the neighborhood while Nora and I (and Owen) stayed home to pass out candy. The boys came back giggling. They apparently had a blast going from house to house, knocking, and saying “Trick or Treat!” They both had huge buckets full of candy, so their cuteness must have paid off!


The boys spent the rest of the evening playing with Daddy’s “robot”. Both boys were sad to end the evening. I’m thinking we’ll have to have a sleepover at some point, so they can have more fun time together!

It shoots green discs, which Max says are “Money!”

To see all of the Halloween pictures, click here. Jon will post some videos later in the week so you can see the boys in action.

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