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What can I say? We missed a week due to the crazy that comes along with the holiday. After Max’s birthday weekend, we spent much of the week getting things back in order around here, which led into another crazy weekend with a visit from Mikey and a trip up to Sherman for first Thanksgiving…shortly followed by second Thanksgiving. Which means we have a lot of photos to share.

Owen is starting to find his own personality and is working hard to charm his way into countless future ponies. This, of course, means that he’s full of facial expressions for me to caption.


Tired of my jokes and I haven’t even started. That’s my boy.


I believe he’s concerned about global warming.


Thus begins a lifelong love of delicious beef.


Resistance is futile. OwenMonkey will find you and force you to coo.

In addition to the cuteness of the little guy, we’ve been enjoying some fun moments with Max.


Here’s what happens when you put mousse in Max’s hair for silly hair day at school.


…and here’s what happens when Mikey brings along some hats.


…then, of course, there’s what happens when Max gets tired of playing drums.


Finally, there’s what happens when Max decides he wants to wear a hat in the morning.

With all of that excitement behind us (sadly, not many of the photos from Sherman turned out), we headed down to The Woodlands for a long weekend of turkey, turkey, turkey, and turkey. Oh, and cats.


‘sup, Madison?

The whole weekend was a whirlwind of visits from various members of our big family down there.










Collyn! Chandler! Emma again!


Sam! BB!

Of course, there’s a ton more, but putting them all up here would take forever. Better to just follow the link at the end of the post to see the rest. We did actually manage to get a decent family photo this round, even though Max and Owen have been mostly uncooperative for most of our pictures.


Smiles (sorta) from everyone!

Finally, after all the gumbo and the turkey and the dressing, we started our long trip home. Owen decided to finish out the vacation by giving us one of his best smiles so far.


This one was just for Mommy, as Daddy and Max were getting cookies at the time.

Max, on the other hand, had some different plans. Not only did he decide that his box of balls was juuuust the right size…


“I stuck!”

…he also got his first chance to decorate a Christmas tree. He doesn’t ever seem quite fully satisfied with the position of the ornaments, so he spends a little time each day rearranging the ones he can reach.


The snowman ornament USED to be on the tree.

I think that pretty much covers it. We whittled down several hundred photos to 90, so it’s hard to cover everything. You can see the rest of them by clicking here. I guess I could toss one more in here, just because Owen looks so much like a little man in it.


Serious bath is serious business.

I have a giant list of videos that need to be iMovied and posted, so I’ll try to get to those later in the week. We shall see how that turns out. Have a good one!

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Molly Larkin 04 November 2009

Wonderful pictures, Jonathan – almost as good as seeing you and your adorable boys in person! And yes, I’m sure that Nan does “like them, as well”!!!
~Aunt Molly


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