Much Needed Down Time

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So, another week has passed where we didn’t find time to write a blog. Between me being back at work, Christmas approaching, and the boys, well, being the boys, we just haven’t had much down time, with the exception of last weekend, which was wonderful.

Last weekend, we decided to take some time off. For the previous 5-6 weekends, there always seemed to be something going on, some place we had to be. It got to the point where Max was repeatedly asking “I stay home?” So, we finally did just that.

It was such a treat to be able to spend an entire weekend at home. We played games with Max, gave Owen some much needed tummy time and one-on-one time, and generally relaxed. I hope we can do it again soon.

Max watched a Curious George where George put a picture on the fridge using magnets. Afterwards, he wanted to put one of his pictures on the fridge as well. This is what we ended up with. I’ll say this… he’s thorough. That picture isn’t going anywhere.

Owen sharing a smile with us.

Max loving on his brother during tummy time.

Owen telling Max a secret.

We also took Max for his 2-year check up. As we expected, he’s doing incredibly well. He’s 39 inches tall (way, way off the chart) and 33 pounds (95-97th percentile). His vocabulary is off the charts as well. We’ve gone past the “repeating everything you say” phase to the snarky retort phase. You ask him if he’d like to do something, and he replies “No thank you. I don’t like it.” Stinker.

OH! I almost forgot. A couple of weeks ago, Max experienced his FIRST SNOW! He’d seen snow when he was four months old, but he didn’t do more than see it out the window. This time, he got to run in it, and he even threw a snowball or two at Daddy (both of which hit him – child has good aim)! Max only got to play for 20 minutes or so, and it was all gone an hour or so later, but it was still great to watch him having snowy fun. Here’s hoping we get snow again sometime this winter!

This stuff is cool (and cold)!

Working on his snowman.

To see all of the snow pictures, click here.

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Jon really has been working on videos to post. There are just so many of them, he’s having to work through them all, so he can plan a massive pre-Christmas video blitz for your enjoyment.

Have a great week, everyone!

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Nan 04 November 2009

Max, Oh my gosh if you are not the cutest doctor I have ever seen! It looks like you had a blast and Mickey too! I love how happy you look. Can’t wait to see you for your birthday party. it will be so much fun. Love, Nan


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