The Max/Owen/Cousins/Friends Video Show – Day 1

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We’ve been running regularly late on our blogs the last few weeks, and I keep promising again and again that I’m going to get these videos done. Guess what. They’re done. We have enough of them to clog up the intertubes for an entire week, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. Seven days, fourteen videos. Buckle up, buttercup.

We begin the week with a quick look at the new dynamic in our household. Max is adjusting surprisingly well to having a new little guy in the house. We’ll have to see if that lasts after Owen figures out how to steal Max’s toys.


He’s never too busy for a walk-by harassment.


We found those two monkeys when we were shopping for Max’s party stuff. One of them is supposed to be for Owen, but Max decided to share both of them.

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JoAnn Fogle 12 November 2009

Made this ole tired nurse smile when I got home from a difficult day.
They are growing so fast.
What a joy to watch!!


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