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It’s hard to believe that we actually survived three months with the new little guy in the house, but here we are. Tougher still is realizing that he’s sharing so much of the spotlight that he hasn’t had a chance to get a blog post devoted entirely to him. I guess it’s about time.


Earning it.

He’s just recently started developing his own little personality, which comes with its ups and downs.



As far as down, in the time it took to get from putting that picture in there to typing this sentence, I changed two dirty diapers.


Is that a problem?

No, son. It is a privilege to serve as your personal pooper scooper. But we must move on. A new month means it’s time for updates to the monthly photos. Max had his monkey, and we shall continue with Owen’s dog for comparison purposes.


No! You can’t show us the best up front. You must be coy!


Better, but it’s too late now.


Nice try. We’ll work on it.

We’ve also been working on getting his tummy time in, which can be difficult. He’s not a huge fan of it, but we can typically get him to look at the caterpillar for a little bit.


One day, you will be in my mouth. You will see.

And now we must put him to bed. Will he sleep for six hours like he did last night, or will he sleep for two and a half? No one knows! It’s like a casino where everyone’s tired all the time…minus the free drinks.

To see the rest of the photos from the week, click here. Have a Merry Christmas, everyone! See you next week!

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Jenn 18 December 2009

Super cute videos!


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