Last Minute Christmas Update

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Video week seems to have gone over well, and with the holiday coming up we’re probably going to find ourselves away from our computers for a while. As such, we figured we’d give you a little taste of holiday cheer before you settle in and wait for Santa.

Just a note for those who are wondering. Max has a tendency to say, “Turn it.” in these videos and make a rotating hand motion. This is because there’s a flip-out video screen on the side of our camcorder that can be rotated so the person in front of the camera can see it. Letting me use this screen to see what I’m doing is unacceptable to Max. He must see himself.


It may have happened weeks ago, but it’s still relevant. Because I say so.


Getting him in the holiday spirit with some gingerbread. He says he’s making cookies for Emma because he saw her making cookies on her blog.


Gotta take advantage when you have the ear of the big guy.

Christmas Songs

Not too shabby. Guess we’ll have to do some singing for the grandparents.

Alright, that’s it for now. Maybe something next week, maybe not. We’ll have to see how crazy Christmas is. Merry Christmas, everyone!

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