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We’re almost entirely caught up on our blogging. We’ll try to get two up this week and then we’ll be back up to date on everything. Today we have a little New Year fun and a whole lot of change for the big guy.

First, just to get it out of the way, belated though it may be…


Happy New Year!

Once we’d rung in the New Year by falling asleep about four hours before midnight, we decided to make a trip up to Sherman to haul the rest of Max’s Christmas loot home. Max took it as an opportunity to show off his new robot friend.


He learned all the controls pretty fast. Especially the ones that make it shoot little discs.


I believe Casen found the “dance” button.

After chilling out with the family, we headed home and hung out with the boys for one last bit of rest before going back to work. As mentioned in the previous entries, we spent the following week fighting a house-wide plague. It wasn’t all bad, though. Max learned a new trick!


I turn on the TV!

Good for him, at least. It’s been an interesting time trying to explain to him that there are times when the TV needs to stay off. The rest of the week, we started to talk to him about the possibility of moving up to a “big kid” bed. It quickly became the only thing he wanted to talk about. Within a few days, he would wake up every morning asking, “I have a big kid bed?”

A quick trip to the hardware store to replace some missing parts (it’s been two years, some of it was bound to go missing) and a scouring of baby stores later, we had what we needed. Max was happy to help.


Thank you, Max. Good work.


Note: There is no screw on that side of the frame.


Owen maintained a safe distance. Probably a good idea.


No more ABC sheets!


Arummmm num num ROBOTS!


All tucked in.

He’s actually been really good about the new bed. He stays in there all night and doesn’t bother trying to escape. We think he just hasn’t realized he can hop right up whenever he wants. Hopefully that’ll last for a while.

Owen, on the other hand, has finally moved out of our bedroom and into his crib (hooray!). His reactions were mixed.


He’s hard to read.

And that brings us up to last week. Join us next time when we head to a cousin’s birthday party and celebrate 4 months of the little one. To see the rest of the photos from Sherman and the move to the big kid bed, you can click here. See you next time!

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