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Yes, yes, we’re two weeks late on this. Some day we’ll catch up, really. Just a few more posts and we’ll be there!

Our little guy continues his path, right on into month four. Max is treating him just as he always has.


Like a doll, more or less.


A very snuggly doll.

Our scheduled visit to the Doc showed that he’s certainly growing up (just under 27″ now, which puts him around the 95th percentile). Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be growing out quite as well. At 13 pounds, 9 ounces, he was a little under his previous curve. Thankfully, that explained the frequent night wakings that were starting to get closer and closer together. We upped his feedings and finally seem to have gotten him back up to speed. At the very least, he’s finally getting back to longer rest periods at night.

Of course, another month means another comparison photo. This month he’s actually starting to sit up on his own a little.


Hey now. Be nice. It’s picture time!



With that, we’ll head off to bed. The swaddle-free baby awaits us late in the night.

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Jenn 23 December 2009

Love these! So cute! Wow ya’ll got a lot of snow! Emma would love some of those yummy cookies Max! You two will have to sing some Christmas songs together at Nan and Papa’s house.

JoAnn Fogle 24 December 2009

You got snow–we haven’t seen any up here.
Loved the videos-just opend these up–sure makes you see how fast they are growing
Lova ya bunches!!
see ya soon

NAN 24 December 2009

Toooo cute! Can’t wait to see you all. Love, Nan


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