Happy Birthday, Blakely

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Almost caught up. I can sense your excitement, really. We’re at 10 days out now, which means that the time when then will be now will come…soon…

Anywhoo, on with the photos.

We headed out to Forney a little while back to celebrate Max’s cousin’s first birthday. The birthday girl decided to celebrate by starting to walk.


Okay, so she’s cheating in this one a little. I saw her walking, I swear it.


She also remains fascinated with this baby we keep bringing to her.

A good time was had by all, and I shall choose to illustrate it with photos rather than words.




Cupcake, too!





Happy birthday, kiddo. You’ve a lot more ahead of you.

We spent the rest of that weekend chilling with the kids at home.


Yay home!


Yay babyplane!

Amazingly enough, we went from snow last month to a 71 degree day on that Sunday. This meant that I got to spend nap time assembling a Christmas present that had been languishing in storage. Max was pleased with the results.


Yay bike! (and thanks, Mimi and Pappaw)

To top it all off, we took the boys down to the park so Max could do some running around and sliding. This afforded daddy the opportunity to play with his new camera (thanks, Christy).


Christy loves it when his hair does this.

Speaking of Max, we figured we’d jot something down here for posterity so we don’t forget how much of a stinker he can be. He’s started to slyly reject food at the dinner table. Instead of the direct approach (which he knows doesn’t work), if you offer him something he doesn’t want to eat right then, he will say, “I have something in my mouth.”

And what happens, you ask, if he doesn’t actually have something in his mouth? He immediately stuffs something in there. He may be a stinker, but he’s no liar.

To see the rest of the photos from the birthday weekend, click here. See you next time, when we’ll hopefully find ourselves all caught up.

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Nan 11 January 2010

I love all the pictures! It looks like ya’ll had quite a time! Can’t believe all the snow on Christmas morning
Love ya’ll hope you are all feeling better.

JoAnn Fogle 13 January 2010

Back home from San Antonio-great to see the photos-when I got home .so sweet as always–max is turning into a little boy now –growing so fast


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