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We’re still rolling along, trying to get things caught up around here. We’re only a week behind now, so we should be able to pull it off if I can get two posts this week. I guess we’ll see. Enough of that, though. On with the show.

As time goes by, Max gets more and more interested in helping out with his little brother. He’s always quick to note when “Owen is awake” or “Owen is asleep.” He also makes it a point to let us know that “Owen is crying.” I don’t know what we’d do without him.


Did I mention he’s obsessed with Owen’s belly button?


Can’t keep his hands off it. I think he’s cleaning it.

Owen is still progressing in his skills, and has pretty much mastered tummy time.


…and all the cuteness that entails.

Not that he always enjoys it. Mastery does not bring entertainment, since he usually only lasts a few minutes before he starts getting fussy. Luckily, he has other skills to work on. His hand coordination is getting pretty good, as is his desire to eat things that he manages to get in his hands. Unfortunately, sometimes that turns out to be my finger. He’s also pretty much accepted that bathtime is going to be part of his regular routine.


Again with the belly button. At least he’s washing hair while he does it.

Of course, it’s not all work around here. Sometimes we chill with the boys for a little entertainment.


We still have to work on Owen’s drumming.

As you may know, Christy had herself a birthday last weekend. She and I took a little time to head out to a movie and left the kids with their grandparents. They took the opportunity to let Max have some fun with the sprinkles in our pantry.


All of them on top. Nicely done.

When we got back, we found that we had a few new visitors to the house. Max took advantage of the moment to make sure that everyone knew about his big kid bed.


I play here and sleep here. It’s pretty sweet.

Owen, on the other hand, found himself a safe place to hide from his cousin.


This photo does not convey how upset she was that she couldn’t get to him.

Good times for all. Thanks to Mimi and Pappaw and Mendi and Steve and the kids for coming out! If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, you can click here to see the set.

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