Nan and Papa Come to Town

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It feels weird after so long to post an actual up-to-date blog. Thankfully, we had Nan and Papa up this weekend to help out with the boys, which means we have a smidgen of free time this week somewhere in all the crazy that is raising these two.

Owen continues to work on his general stinkitude, giving us night after low-sleep night. We’re still completely free of the swaddle, but I can’t say we don’t miss the 5-hour stretches that came along with mummifying the little guy. We’ll just have to continue our commitment to patience and perseverance to make it through. Sometimes he does a little work to make us okay with it all.


We provide the wardrobe, he provides the cute.

Nan and Papa took full advantage, of course.


Buy me candy!

They were kind enough to wake up early and hoof it out here to make it in time for Max’s visit to one of his new favorite places.


The gym!


“Here, throw this at daddy.”


I’m doing what, exactly, with these?

Unfortunately they couldn’t stay for long, but they did manage to observe Max’s obsession first-hand.


I poke it.

After their departure, we settled in for a nice evening of chilling and watching the game with the boys. Max was lucky enough to be able to take advantage of the lax rules in place for major sporting events.


Pizza on the couch! What kind of pizza? Cheeeeeese!

I’m not sure how it came to this, but at some point we even let Max hold the little guy for a short period of time. He took full advantage of that as well.


Good luck being taller than me now, baby Owen.

One last amusing note for the week. Max has been having some trouble with getting bitten at day care, and I think he’s settled on a way to handle it. We were horsing around and I pretended to gnaw on his arm. His response? “Daddy, I’m not food.”

I have to admit, it’s clever.

To see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. We have a whole bunch of video hanging around waiting to be offloaded to the blog. If we have a good night sometime in the next few days, maybe we’ll find the time to get them out there.

Have a good week, everyone!

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