Yet Another Video Week – Day 5

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We’ve somehow managed to do it again. Five days, five video posts. We saved some of the best (in our opinion, of course) for last.

I had to ponder a bit before I came up with tonight’s theme, but I think “excitement” fits it pretty well.

Big Kid Bed

Okay, so he’s had this for a while now. Doesn’t change anything.

Little Gym

From our recent visit from Nan and Papa, who got a chance to accompany the little guy to the gym. They are not invited back after they told him to do this to me.

The Best

…as they say, should be saved for last. I think this qualifies for this week’s award.

Stay tuned for our next regular blog post. Who knows, we might even squeeze in a bonus post over the weekend. Have a good one, everyone!

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