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We’re back! And Owen is six months old now! He’s also in a much better mood than he was last time we did this.


Yes I am! Let’s do this thing!

We just went to the doctor this morning, so (along with a bunch of shots) we got Owen’s official six month measurements.

Weight: 17lb 1oz

Height: 28″

Head: 17.5″

As always, we must compare him to his brother, who was at 18lb 5oz, 28″ tall, and 18″ around the head at his six month mark. I’d say they’re pretty evenly matched. Owen’s a little leaner, and has a slightly smaller head. But he’s got spunk!


…and a dog sidekick. Always important.

As you can see, he’s getting more and more interested in the relative measurement device. He’s also doing a lot better with his sitting.


Not too shabby.


His coy looks are also improving with practice.


Hey, there’s a regular smile.


This could be “Yawn” or “I WILL EAT YOU!” I’ll let you be the judge.

He’s advancing through his various foods quite well, having made it through sweet potatoes and various fruits. Last time we checked in he was still running us ragged with the sleep stuff. We’re happy (very, very happy) to announce that he’s started sleeping (mostly) through the night as of this week. 8pm to 5ish in the morning works for us, considering the longest stretch we were getting before was about 4 hours.

Not too bad for our half-year mark. If you want to see the rest of the 6 month photos, click here. Barring any complications, we should have another post up sometime this week to cover what we’ve been up to. Who knows. We’re buying a house on Friday. Things could get crazy.

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JoAnn Fogle 13 March 2010

LOVE IT !!!—
he is going to love these when he is around 18-21 yrs old…..

Nan 14 March 2010

Way to go Max!! Love, nan


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