Twice Forth to Sherman

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Over the last two weekends, we made a couple of trips to Sherman. Unfortunately, we didn’t really catch too many photos the first round, and we somehow managed to forget the camera the second time up for Joann’s birthday. Those who know Joann will understand the irony in that.

Hanging out in Sherman typically means random silly happenstances.


…and silly faces.


…and more silly faces.

While Max entertained himself with uncle Steve, Owen opted for a different approach.


Laaaaaaaaaid back.

I guess Blakely decided to get in on the action too.


Slightly different method, but partially laid back I suppose.

The napless boys had a pretty decent time. Max even had a chance to go outside and mess with some of Tanner’s toys.


He has a unique bat grip. I believe he finds it more challenging that way.


Much better. Thank you, Mimi.

As mentioned above, we went down again the following weekend but failed to bring any sort of recording devices. Everyone had a good time celebrating Joann’s 39th birthday even though I wasn’t snapping away. I think it’s because Jayden borrowed Joann’s camera and took my place.

Normally we don’t post things this quickly, but Christy has demanded it and thus it will be so. She recorded a little snippet of video this morning to show off Owen’s new talent and she can’t stand to see it languish on the camera any longer.

A Bla Bla

Christy loves this. I find it strange.

That’s it for this week. If you want to see the rest of the photos, click here.

We closed on our new house this morning, so we’ll be spending the next several weeks shuttling things back and forth and eventually settling into our new home. I’ll certainly try to keep up with the blog, but I can’t make any guarantees. Fingers crossed, I suppose. Now, I’m going to go lift some heavy things and work on my replacement curse words.


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