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Last week, Owen hit his latest milestone, moving right on to the ripe old age of 7 months. He’s been very busy lately, and is turning into a little boy right in front of our eyes.


He’s not quite perfect with his sitting, but is getting really good.


Ahh, looking wistfully out the window. My favorite.


We’re going to have to mess with the lighting in his room. I’ll have to get one of those umbrella things.

Oddly enough, he hasn’t cut a single tooth yet (I believe his brother had at least two by this point). He’s learned to reach out and grab things to bring them to him. Mostly this is done to get something into his mouth. In fact, we’ve discovered something that he will contort himself into pretzels to try and get: the remote. Just like daddy and Max. He’s also starting to discover that his brother can be a source of entertainment. Thankfully, Max is happy to oblige.

The only thing we’ve had a tiny bit of trouble with in the last month is clothes. See, little brothers have a tendency to live in hand-me-downs. This works great for the most part, but the other day I was putting Owen into his sleep sack when I noticed something a little…off…


There is something wrong with this picture.

For those who aren’t Where’s Waldo fans, a closer look.


No wonder he stopped sleeping through the night. His toe is cold.

I guess we need to inspect things a little better from now on.

That’s it for our Owen update of the month. We’ll try to get a weekly update up for what we were up to this last week, plus we’re working on some new videos. Guess we’ll see what happens. If you want to see a few more photos from Owen’s 7 month photo session, click here. See you next time!

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nan 28 March 2010

Gotta love those blah blah blahs!!!!! I especially like the toe tasting yummy! What a cutie. Love Nan

Anonymous 29 March 2010

Looks like he is going to be a talker! He is a cutie!
Love the tasty toe finish!


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