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Christy says the time is flying. To me it’s felt like everything is moving in slow motion. Either way you perceive it, as of last week Owen is 8 months old. Normally these photo sessions are an exercise in frustration and madness as we frantically try to get him to look at the camera and smile. I guess he decided to make up for it this time.


See what I mean?


Wait, no! You were doing well! Nothing out there is that interesting!



Seriously, it went on like this. I can pick any random one out of the set and he’s giving it all he’s got.


He cannot be stopped.

He hasn’t quite started the kind of stuffed animal devouring his brother was fond of, but he gets in there a little from time to time.


Num num num.


Seriously. Unstoppable.

At this point in Max’s life, he’d just taken his first plane trip (to Seattle). He’d just started in with his talking (lots of “mamamamama”). He wasn’t quite crawling yet (but was working on it). He was consistently migrating to one end of his crib to evade detection by the video camera. He was giving us a run for his money by trying to roll off his changing pad at every opportunity. He had a couple of his teeth fully grown. He was shaking his head “no” at us (which made him difficult to feed).

Owen is keeping pretty close pace. He might not have been on a plane (amusing Photoshoppery aside), and he might not have fully-grown teeth (a couple have just come through), but the rest is a pretty accurate picture of where he is right now. Looking back, the big fun thing we’re missing out on is that Owen hasn’t yet discovered his tongue. I guess we’ll just have to be patient on that one.

To see the rest of the photos from this set, you can click here. We’ll see what we can do about getting a regular update in this week. If so, see you there. If not, see you next week!

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