Two and a Half

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While we’re talking about milestones, we should probably mention that Max turned two and a half a little over a week ago. He is now making sure to point that out whenever we ask him how old he is. It’s been an interesting six months since his birthday, and it’s amazing to think of all the changes he’s gone through in that short amount of time.


For the sake of comparison, this is him at two years old.


…and this is him now.

Yes, he got a haircut. Yes, it’s too short. Yes, it will grow back. Calm down, curl-lovers.

Aside from his ever-growing vocabulary, he’s working hard to evolve his own personality. At this point he’s very polite. He always makes sure to thank us for making his breakfast (“Thank you for making my dinner, mommy”), and he’s pretty good at, “May I have that thing please”. That thing is usually a song, a toy, or (very often) a jelly bean. He’s a tough kid so long as he gets his rest.


See the lip? He poked at it with his tongue for a while then seemed to forget about it.

He still loves his little brother a bit too much. Owen is flexible, but Max is constantly pushing the limits on just how far he can bend. They have a good time anyway.


You can really see the resemblance.

He also works hard to take advantage of his mother’s unending love. Mostly this takes the form of him being allowed to do things that are not necessarily comfortable for mommy.


Sure, he could draw near the floor, but what’s the fun in that?

Beyond that, he has a healthy love for books, and has started memorizing as many as he can. So far he can read a Thomas ABC book with a little prompting and if you pause a little he’ll be happy to finish the last few words on a page for a number of his books. As a result, bedtime has become quite the affair with him. Every night he seems to come up with a new stall tactic. The books need to be put away. He needs a drink of water. He just wants one more song. No, one more. Can he play Uno Moo please? I always wonder just how long it’s going to take Christy to escape every evening.

More than anything else, though, the boy just loves dirt. He wants to see bugs as often as possible, and he’s right at home with any gardening project you can throw at him.


Oh yes, we need more dirt.


Gloves will not stop me. I will still get dirty.


The logical end result.

This project actually revealed something else about him. He was a bit dirty so we had to take advantage of our new guest bathroom to clean him up. He thought this was completely hilarious.


Baby’s first shower. Ahh, memories.

I’m sure I’ve left plenty of things out, but there’s just too much to remember it all. It’s been a crazy two and a half years, but he’s made them more than worth it.


Happy half-birthday, buddy!

There’s a few more photos to be seen here. We’ll see you next time when we’re back to sort-of-normal posting.

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Nan 27 April 2010

Way too cute. I love the updates it helps me not miss my boys so much!!! and you guys too! Love Nan

Anonymous 27 April 2010

These are hysterical..It appears that Owen might be a natural can see his expression or mouth change but his giggling does.

Dolly 28 April 2010

Way too cute. Such fun to keep up with max and Owen, and you teo of course!

Linda Barrett 30 April 2010

Your posts are the highlight of my week. The kids are so adorable and I am amazed and impressed by the amount of quality time you both manage to spend with them. It really shows. Owen’s hair is fabulous!!!


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