Memorial Day Weekend

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Time flies when the week is short and you’re trying to get the house back in order. It also flies when you have over 500 photos to sift through to find the ones you like. Most of our weekends tend to be fairly sedate, but for some reason we decided to go crazy for Memorial Day.

The progression tends to be the same as the week leads into the weekend. Max and Owen have offered to illustrate how the process works.


Nice, peaceful, happy.


Still okay, I guess…maybe a bit uncomfortable.


Muhahahahahahaha BODY SLAM!

We started out the weekend with a trip to see Max’s cousin play some baseball.


Sleepy before we even got there. Good start.


Chair thief!


Throwing up some signs for Uncle Steve.


Blakeley was a little more hands-off than usual. Probably because she was distracted.

When the game was over, Max insisted that he be allowed to play baseball. We’ll have some video of that up soon, but for now you’ll have to settle for the end of his base-running experience.


They even let him keep the ball. Thanks, Steve!

After all that excitement, we went home, went to sleep, woke up, and immediately got in the car to drive down to Houston. The boys were okay for the most part in the car, but the real fun didn’t start until we arrived.


Owen was pretty excited to see Aunt Jessica and Uncle Mikey.


…not to mention everyone’s favorite kitty.

Much of the weekend was spent in the water, so obviously that’s where most of our photos were taken.


Max kept demanding that we give him the princess ball.


He also requested that I fill up the squirt guns so he could do this.


This didn’t seem to bother him too much.


There were also demands that I put him in this raft.


…and this raft…


…and this one…


…and that one…




Owen was much easier to please.


And did I mention…wait, how did this one get in there?


Of course, there’s always the post-pool bath to get the sunscreen off.

That’s pretty much the way things went, though we did take a break from swimming so we could wish Chandler a happy birthday. Max, of course, took this as an opportunity to demonstrate his cupcake eating technique.


Frosting first. Yes, Collyn and Chandler are laughing at him.

I could probably put even more photos up here, but I think we’ve saturated this post pretty well. If you want to see the rest of them, click here.

Crazy, crazy weekend, but certainly a good one. We’ll see if we can get caught up later in the week and get that video posted. Have a good week, everyone!

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