A Mysterious Father’s Day

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Still playing catch-up with these, but that’s the way we roll around here. Today we cover the week leading up to Father’s Day, which wasn’t particularly eventful…except that we came out of it with a series of mystery photos.

Where could they have come from? What madman has acquired our camera?


Too blurry for a fingerprint!


Hmm…I see my legs, Christy’s legs, and Owen’s feet…


Max shoes!

Ahh, thievery. He’s growing up so fast.

During the previous weekend, we took some time to check out our local rec center. They have a cool indoor pool with a play set in it with all kinds of crazy splashing things. Unfortunately, the entire back wall is floor-to-ceiling windows, so photos turn out like this.


That would be Max going down a waterslide.

Up close photos of Owen turned out okay, though.


I just woke up. Where are we?

As you saw from the video from last time, the boys spent a little time wrestling around on the bed. More specifically, Max wrestled while Owen tried to figure out what was happening to him.


See: grin, devilish.


Max? Happy! Owen? Confused/terrified!

Then the big day came. Max’s first Father’s Day where he understood what was going on. I was awoken to him demanding that I open my present as immediately as possible. He didn’t know what was inside. If he had, I’m assuming he would have opened it himself.


Thanks, Christy!


Obligatory silly dad shot.

The whole day, I could walk up to him and say, “I have a big shirt.” He would eagerly respond, “And I have a LITTLE shirt!” It’s hard to say who enjoyed the gift more.

We spent the afternoon up in Sherman, which of course meant some time in the pool. Unfortunately, Max wasn’t really into the idea of the big pool. He preferred to chill with his little brother.


Yes, we lost the floaties shortly after taking this photo.



As for Owen, he seemed content to just chase the various floating toys around the pool for a while. Before long, we were all back inside to fulfill Max’s demands that he play some video games. Owen preferred to watch from the sidelines.


He seems to find the table more comfy than I’d expected.

I’d say it was a pretty successful Father’s Day. Plenty of time with the boys, and now Max and I can match when he so desires.

To see the rest of the photos (actually, I think I only missed one), click here. Hopefully we’ll have some new stuff to share (maybe even some videos) later on in the week.

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