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Still running behind by a week. Amazing how you can get an extra day off and still not manage to find the time to get a simple blog post done. Looks like the week we’re covering was a week filled with firsts for the boys.

We began simply enough. Christy was alerted to the presence of a popular nearby snow cone stand and it was decided that Max should have one immediately. He had no idea what we were talking about.


Snow is for winter and cones are for ice cream. You people are crazy.

He waffled a bit on flavors, but eventually decided that rainbow was the way to go.


Mmmm, concentrated sugar.


It took him a surprisingly short amount of time to master the stroon.


Owen made sad faces while we all ate snow cones in front of him.


…so we rubbed it in a little more.

Later in the week, though, we gave Owen the chance to try out something new. We’d picked up an array of solid foods for him to try out and he seemed to be rejecting pretty much all of them. This was our first shot at teething biscuits.


You’re filming this, aren’t you.


He was pretty reserved about it. Didn’t even bother finishing it.


Time to compare and contrast! Owen just before he gave up…


…aaand Max as he finished devouring a surprising amount of his first biscuit.

Around the house, things were pretty sedate that week. Owen continued to perfect his crawling, and found the easiest way to get our attention.


Look at me! I am not supposed to be doing this!

Max enjoyed a new toy we had shipped in for him…


A workbench, with an EXTREMELY LOUD DRILL!

Both boys (after some prodding from Max) got to spend a little time in the shade of the house when we pulled out a familiar summer toy.




Odds are, this was about two seconds before a body slam into the water.

Good week. Nice and simple. If you want to see the rest of the photos from that week, you can click here. As for the more current post, that’s probably going to take a little while. I have about 300 pictures to sift through, not to mention a number of videos.

Speaking of videos…


Something’s funny.


Papa performs the rites of grandfatherhood.

Pool Time

Max and Owen splashin’ it up.


Seriously. This is the only time I’ve ever heard him do this.

That’s it for now! Have a good week, everyone!

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JoAnn Fogle 08 June 2010

I loved them all–but I really enjoyed Casen getting his cousin to run the bases—that was just so sweet


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