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I mentioned last week that it was going to take a while to get our Fourth of July post ready. I didn’t realize quite how much we’d done that week until I reviewed the photos. I’ll try to sum up as much as I can, but this is probably going to be a long one.

At the beginning of the week, Max got to experience something he’d been anticipating for quite some time. I think I’ll let him tell you about it.

The Big Screen

Yep, first time.

He seemed to take it well, though personally I’ve been having recurring nightmares about Ned Beatty and an evil baby doll.


He looks just like I do during the previews.


Surprisingly enough, he didn’t bother asking for a banana.

For those of you wondering if we’d simply left Owen in the nearby food court during th movie, fear not. The event was made possible by a helpful visit from Nan and Papa.


Ahh yes, bathtime. Always better when I can take pictures instead of doing the dirty work.


What exactly are you doing back there?




The movie clearly was not enough, as he continued to demand we read the mini-novelization several times.


Serious baby is serious.

Once the weekend came along, our friend Nancy decided to stop by to hang out with the boys and shower them with gifts.


If I do a trick, do I get cool stuff?


Yes, yes I do.


When the blood rushes to your head, it makes you happy!


In some ways, he’s exactly like his brother.


A brief moment of playing together. So fleeting, so rare.


Note: The chef hat belongs to Owen.

We put them down for bed and settled in ourselves for a bit before we started hearing the familiar reports of a nearby fireworks display. We ventured out into the backyard to see if we could see them. Sure enough, we could catch the big stuff over the fence line. This left us with a conundrum. Do we wake up Max and have a cranky boy on our hands in the morning?


Childish wonder beats out logic and self-preservation every time.


Best shot I could get. Works for me.

The following morning we actually had some nice weather so we dragged the kids out of the house for some play time. We hopped in the car to go down to our nearby lake for some fishing, but we were stopped on the way to the dock by something we’re not used to seeing in the wild.


What do you think you’re doing just walking around not being in my belly?


Max, of course, found this hilarious.


We, on the other hand, find this hilarious.


As for Owen, this is as close to hilarious as we got.

As if that weren’t enough, we decided to close out the week by whisking the boys away to Mimi and Pappaw’s house for a little fun with the family. This manifested itself in a number of ways.


Like drawing on a chicken…


…and eating a ball…


…and telling mommy that no, you are not a pteranodon…


…and sticking your feet in Mimi’s face…


…and swimming…


…and not swimming, but telling daddy to retrieve all the rings you keep throwing in the pool…


…and getting really excited about seeing a dog…


…and watching Tanner hide behind a towel…


…and playing in the sandbox…


…and, last but not least, making Pappaw smile.

Is that it? I think that’s it. Has to be. I’m calling it. Wait, no!

One more!

For no reason, and with no explanation, an extra video. Enjoy!

Okay, that’s it. Done. If you want to see the rest of the photos you can click here. Have a good week, everyone!

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