A Sort of Relaxing Week

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Usually an extra day off makes things a little easier, but last week seemed just as long as any other. As a result, we slacked off quite a bit and found ourselves taking a much lower volume of photos. We did get some keepers, though.

On Monday, for example, I was watching Owen crawl all over the place while Max enjoyed a bit of TV. I was facing away from Max when I heard him say, “Hee hee heeeee”. I quickly turned around, fearful that he’d been messing with something he shouldn’t have…


Some looks never go out of style. Mr. Potato Head bowler hats, for example.

Owen continues in his refusal to delve into the world of finger foods, but he’s trying to compensate in other ways.


…like learning how to give kisses to monkeys.

He also figured out a new trick in his crib. Gone are the days when simple wailing was his indication that he was awake.


Note the teeth marks.

With all the insanity that’s been going on around here, we decided that it might be nice to go out for a slightly early birthday dinner. Mimi and Pappaw were gracious enough to come down and watch the kids while we did so.


By “watch”, I of course mean “spoil with cupcakes”.


Oh, good, he has some veggies on there too. I think that cancels it out.

They also made sure to bring a little gift to keep him busy while we’re out.


He loves it. He found the volume control. He knows how to make sure Buzz Lightyear is yelling all the time. THANK YOU MIMI AND PAPPAW.

All kidding aside, Max had a great time (Owen couldn’t tell us, but he seemed happy) and we actually got an opportunity to look like human beings for a change.



Of course, that was only a brief reprieve…



Ahh, back to parenthood. At least the steak was good.

If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. As for us, we’re all caught up. Hooray!

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