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It’s hard to believe that in a scant two months, baby Owen will suddenly cease to exist and be replaced by a one-year-old boy. This month has been filled with new developments, abilities, and of course a handful of difficulties.

As you all know, Owen has started to crawl. His progression from the belly crawl to full-on knees-down rampaging was swift, leaving us scrambling to make sure everything was appropriately baby proofed in the new house. His obsession with opening cabinets in the entertainment center is second only to his desire to rip night lights off the walls at any opportunity.


We’re also getting a lot of this these days.

We also spent the better part of the month failing to introduce him to the concept of eating something that doesn’t come from a jar. As of the last few days, he actually turned around and is starting to accept his self-sufficient fate. Before that, though, it was a steady stream of fussing and what one can only assume is some form of passive agressive malicious compliance.


You said to chew on it. I’m chewing on it.

As is our tradition, on the date of his monthly anniversary we wrangled him into a chair with a familiar stuffed animal and attempted to capture him on film. As with Max, this was the month this became really difficult.


This is not scaring mommy AT ALL.


Num num num…what?


Seriously, what?


Great smile, wrong direction.


Partial view of the new choppers.


…and of course, finally, the “good” one.

Not to be shown up by this kid, I had a birthday of my own last week. In addition to the birthday wishes from Max (which are continuing, with singing, up to and including this morning) I was the recipient of a truly ludicrous amount of new camera gear. This of course meant that Owen would be subjected to extended sessions of me fiddling with apertures and shutter speeds while he attempted to play nearby.





Not a bad month at all, despite the fun with food. If you’re interested in seeing where Max was at 10 months, you can click here. If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. Will we get an update about the rest of last week? Maybe. Maybe not. Guess we’ll see.

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