The Elusive Weekend Entry

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Hooray! By posting on Saturday I’m actually getting a technically on-time post for the first time in weeks (perhaps months). It wasn’t a terribly busy week, but somehow that didn’t stop us from snapping quite a few photos (not to mention a few videos).

It all began with a realization that we hadn’t done very many art projects at home with Max. We remedied the situation by picking up some new finger paints from the store.


Washable, washable. Please be washable. How did you get it in your hair anyway?

That night, I went to put the big guy down for bed and distracted him for a bit by pointing out some rabbits that were hanging out down the street. Little did I realize that he had a visitor hanging out on his window.


You lookin’ at me?

Needless to say, Max thought that was pretty great. He asked to see it on the window for the next few nights. Sadly, it hasn’t made a return visit.

The boys hung out a bit during the week, and Max felt the need to show off Mimi’s talking parrot to Owen.


Owen is not impressed by your ability to repeat things, parrot.


No, Max, that is not a parrot suitcase. Though if it hadn’t been for that beak…

While not impressed with the parrot, Owen has taken a liking to another one of Max’s toys.


Mr. Potato Head! He doesn’t really get the concept yet.


Granted, his brother has the same issue sometimes…

Owen does, however, understand this…




Full frontal nyah.

He’s not quite as consistently amused with it as his brother was, but he breaks it out every once in a while. I suppose he believes in comic timing rather than quantity.

The new bed continues to be a source of amusement for both boys. Owen generally comes in with me in the morning to wake Max up, and he rarely resists the opportunity to attempt climbing up on it. These attempts generally result in failure, but Max finds it funny.


Only problem with the bed is the haunting.


Owen usually scares it away, though.

That particular afternoon, Max decided that Owen was a little cold.


Wait for it…


Problem solved!

Owen was pretty tolerant of this behavior. He seems to be a good sport generally about that sort of thing. He’s also getting be a pretty good sport about actually eating things we put in front of him.


We don’t know why, but for some reason Dickey’s is his favorite place to eat.

He also appreciated our rummaging through the closet to dig out something new (well, new to him).


Crazy tunnel!

As if that weren’t enough excitement, we capped off the week with a visit from Max’s buddy (who was feeling much better this weekend).


I assure you, they just calmly sat and read for several hours. It was nice.


Okay, maybe they played a little. The photo doesn’t convey this at all, but Max had decided that Noah was a “bad guy” and was attacking the pirate ship.

The boys seemed to enjoy themselves, but really the most entertaining part (for them and us) could only be captured through the use of moving pictures.

Entertainment Level: Medium

Pretty fun. Could be funner.

Entertainment Level: WHOOOOAAAAAAA

Maximum fun achieved.

Just Because

I mentioned above that Owen is getting better about eating. Now we actually have evidence on film.

Eventually we’ll get to the point where he can stuff an entire roll in his mouth without making squinty faces at us. Until then, we’ll just have to endure somehow. If you want to see the rest of the photos from this week, click here. See you next time!

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