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Believe it or not, the little guy turned 11 months old on Sunday. In just a few short weeks we’ll be working like crazy to clean up the house in preparation for a birthday party. Until then, we’ll probably just try to keep a baseline level of cleanliness (just short of how-did-a-tornado-get-in-here) and make sure that we don’t get behind on this thing.

A new month of course means new photos!


I’m starting to get a handle on this thing.

His brother is starting to take a shine to him, and occasionally spends a little time entertaining him.


Ahhh, brothers.

Granted, the whole thing usually ends with something like this…



As is our custom with these two, we sat Owen down in the chair for some monthly update photos. He was actually fairly well behaved this time around.


See? Good one!


We eventually had to give him something to keep him from trying to climb onto the bookshelf.


You see, these Hippos. They go berserk. It’s a commentary on society.


He pretty much spent the second half of the session holding books in front of his face.

As for his development, he’s still working hard to keep his brother competing for attention. Meals are our big focus right now, and it’s a polar affair. He’s either perfectly alright with eating (for example, stuffing his face with chicken noodle soup this evening) or he’s screaming for something different (for example, abruptly stopping the aforementioned face stuffing because he saw someone else eating a cracker). There is no happy medium. We’ll keep working on it.

He maintains his brother’s early tradition of being staunchly opposed to hats. He has the good fortune of growing up in the bigger house, which affords him a slightly more expansive baby cage (read: pretty much half of the upstairs). This pleases him, because he can speed down the hall and wonder why all the doors are closed before returning.

He also seems to enjoy dancing, and has no problem rocking whenever he sets off one of his extremely loud music toys. He’s also getting really good at cruising along the furniture (including, much to my chagrin, the entertainment center). His ability to open cabinets has forced me to remove the knobs from said center, which is a bit of an inconvenience for us but well worth it to keep him from slamming the doors. Repeatedly. All day long.

As far as comparing to his brother, he seems to have an enjoyment of Baby Boo, but doesn’t quite appreciate it on the same level as his brother did. He’s also not quite ready for the wheelbarrow walker thing Max was cruising around with, though we’ll probably give him a shot at it over the next few weeks. He’s also a much more physical kid than Max was. He’s taken to climbing into the jumpolene, which is quite the feat. The only problem is that he’s also taken to climbing out of the jumpolene…which generally means landing on his head and doing a roll onto the floor. While I wince at it, he generally shakes it off and runs off to steal his brother’s puzzle pieces.

I guess that’s about it, so we’ll just close it out with a link to what Max was up to at 11 months. We’ll be back next week with regularly scheduled programming. Should be interesting, since Max and I have a couple of days of daddy/son stuff coming up at the end of the week.

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