Monkeys, Books, and Messes

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We’re fresh in from our slightly extended vacation to the north, but in our rush to get things ready for the trip we forgot to finish up our post last week. Sadly, this means a slight delay for those waiting for photos from the trip. We’ll try to get through them as fast as we can (all 600 of them).

During the week before the big trip, we decided it would be a good idea to take it easy. In general, this means a lot of horsing around at the house.


Yes, yes. Hilarious, daddy. Get this thing off me.

It also means we try to find low-key things that don’t involve a lot of running around. Two weeks ago, we’d promised Max that we’d take him to the library (he asked!) but when it came time for us to head over there we found it closed. Apparently they were updating everything with new fancy RFID tags so they speed up the check-out process. Pappaw also suggested that it would improve their Big Brother-esque ability to track down overdue books. But I digress.


Rows and rows of books. The boy was in paradise.


He’s been insisting that we read this Toy Story book on a daily basis since we checked it out.


Ahhh, free happiness. Thanks, public library system!

On the way out, he insisted that we walk by some of the statues. It didn’t take long for him to disregard the various signs.



His brother was MIA for the big library trip, but he still managed to get in some lens time.


If you shake this monkey banana car, it makes loud monkey noises and drives away. He finds that hilarious.


Wait, no, what are you doing?



He also seems to have figured out some of his brother’s old tricks.


No hands!

To finish off our mostly uneventful week, we made ourselves a big giant pot of pasta. As we’ve mentioned over the last few months, Owen has been on a slow but steady path toward food independence. This felt like a pretty big step.


I think he likes it.

Baby steps.

We actually had a visit from Mimi and Pappaw that weekend, but sadly we didn’t capture any decent photos of the event. Luckily they provided us with the cover we needed to finish what we’d hoped would be the last of our pre-vacation shopping. Thanks again for the help!

That’s it for the pre-vacation blogging, save for the weekly link to the rest of the photos. With any luck, we’ll be all caught up by the end of the week. See you then!

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