The Lost Week

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So we posted about our trip to Chicago, then we posted about Owen’s birthday week. The week in between seems to have been lost in the shuffle, which means I get to fire up the wayback machine and pre-date this one. To get the full effect, you should make an appropriately sci-fi whooshing noise to commemorate this amazing time traveling event.

Just let me know when you’re done. I can wait.

Things began simply enough. To remind me of his impending adulthood, our little one made his tendencies as a tiny thief known.


Is this your phone? I didn’t…the dog…Max…I WAS JUST HOLDING IT FOR YOU.

The week was fairly uneventful, seeing as we were mostly trying to recover from all the travel. This meant that we didn’t get many photos until we geared up to visit a couple of birthday parties over the weekend. The first event brought us to a party one of his classmates was having at Pump it Up.


They call him Big Max in class. I have no idea why.


This is about as good as the photos get. High-velocity children do not good pictures make.


After a few minutes, Owen was screaming and slapping at us. Didn’t take long to figure out what he wanted.


The Italian judge is probably going to dock him for that.

As we proceeded into the second room full of bouncing equipment, Max spotted something that immediately demanded his full and undivided attention.


We couldn’t pay him to get out of this thing.


Luckily, there were two.

Before we knew it, it was time for photos and cake and pizza.


Man, that turned out even better than all of those family photos we’ve tried to take over the years.

A brief nap later, and we were back in the car on the way to a party for Max’s buddy Mikey.


I couldn’t figure out if Iron Man was fighting the dinosaur or if they were a crime fighting duo.

Amazingly enough, Max didn’t seem to have any problem having cake twice in one day. The rest of the weekend was spent frantically preparing the house for the coming Owen party, so unfortunately we didn’t manage to get any more photos. You can view the rest of the photos from the lost week by clicking here. See you next time!

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