Owen’s First Birthday

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Today we celebrated Owen’s first birthday. He has been sick/feverish for most of the last week, so we were excited that Owen had his first fever-free day on his birthday. Too bad it wasn’t all good news today. We still managed to enjoy the day, and look forward to celebrating his birthday again with family and friends on Saturday.

For the last week, Owen has woken up with fevers of 100+. We took him to the doctor last week and they suspected an early ear infection. We took him back on Monday for another check and were told “random viral fever” and told to simply wait it out. Today, he woke with a much reduced fever, which was a blessing for us. Now we could get on with the birthday celebrations.


Um, Max… You are cute, but you are not 1.

Due to his sickness (we hope), Owen hasn’t had much of an appetite lately, so we went to our usual standby (Jason’s Deli) for a quiet birthday lunch with Mommy and Daddy. Owen seemed to enjoy having our undivided attention, and we even managed to get him to eat a little more than he’s been eating at home.


Basking in the glow of having Mommy and Daddy all to himself.

We then trekked across the street to the mall, so Owen could enjoy his first carousel ride. We’ve attempted rides several times over the last couple of months, but Max has been hesitant to ride each time, so this time we went while Max was at school. In typical Owen fashion, he started out somewhat intrigued, then returned to his usual bored state a minute or two into the ride.


Hey, this is cool!


OK. Now I’m bored. What else do you have?


Maybe if I dislodge the pole, the pony and I can make a run for it!

After a good afternoon nap, we took our usual monthly photos. They went much more quickly today than they’ve ever gone before (even with Max).



We then prepared to go pick up Max and run a few birthday errands. That’s when we noticed the dots… all over Owen… A quick call later and we were rushing to the doctor’s office before they closed.



Luckily, the doctor finally had a reason for our extended fever: Roseola. Owen will have the rash for a few days (or less if we are lucky). Thankfully, it doesn’t itch. It is just awful to see.

After our whirlwind trip to the doctor’s office, we headed to Owen’s favorite barbecue restaurant for dinner. It was an uneventful trip until the cupcakes came out. After stripping his cupcake of all of its icing (leaving the cake behind), Max graciously helped his brother figure out what to do with the giant hunk of cake in front of him. After he helped his brother take a few bites, he strangled hugged his brother and chanted “I love my baby brother!”. It was the sweetest thing I’ve ever witnessed between them. I hope they continue to love each other as they grow older.


Strangle me if you must, but I’m not giving up the cake!

When we finally arrived home, it was time for Owen to enjoy his birthday present, a new Cozy Coupe!


Um, Max?..?.. Sigh…

Um… OK, maybe we’ll have pictures of OWEN in his car tomorrow!

It has been such a different year with Owen than it was with Max. I continually feel “Mommy Guilt” that I can’t focus all of my attention on Owen like I did with his big brother. Luckily I’ll have his whole life to make up for it.

Since we use this blog to record more than just the daily/weekly events, I’ll share a few of my favorite (and not-so-favorite things) about Owen:

  • Owen is our resident daredevil. He loves to climb up on anything he can, and seemingly has no fear of climbing back down. He’s going to keep us on our toes.
  • Owen loves to inflict pain. He loves to bite shoulders, toes, legs, anything he can reach. His current favorite game is “Slap.Admonish.Kiss”, wherein he attempts to slap your face. When you say “No, sir!”, he looks sadly into your eyes, then kisses you… then proceeds to slap you in the face again. (sigh)
  • Owen is much more vocal than his brother was at this age. He’s always chattering/singing. Unfortunately, the only word he’s mastered is banana (nanana). He has, however, learned the sign for “More”, which he uses frequently.
  • As Jon mentioned in his previous post, Owen hasn’t been much of a cuddler. He’s the independent child. However, his sickness and our vacation (where he slept with me each night) has caused him to snuggle more. I’m really hoping the trend continues to grow as he gets a little older.
  • Owen is a tall, skinny, little boy, just like his brother. We don’t know his exact measurements yet, but we know he’s still off the chart for height and between 25-50% for weight. We’ll know the exact details in a couple of weeks.
  • Owen isn’t walking yet, because he’s ridiculously fast at crawling and cruising, so he doesn’t feel the need to learn yet. He is attempting to stand more on his own, so hopefully he’ll be walking in the next month or so (before he starts at daycare with his brother)

That’s about it for our sweet younger boy’s first year. He is definitely a fun challenge. It’s so much fun seeing the different aspects of our personalities in each of the boys. We look forward to sharing in their adventures, and sharing them with you as well.

To see the full set of photos from today, click here.

As this is a special occasion, I suppose we should include a deluge videos from the big day (and maybe a few from a little farther back).


From a little while back, but highly requested.

Wake up!

Maybe we should have waited until breakfast…


Return of Mr. Serious.

First Time for Everything

He didn’t really know what to do with the frosting.


Timing is everything.

The Big Present

Contrary to the completely lacking photo evidence, Owen actually did get to enjoy his new toy.

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