Birthdays and Kite Flying

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Happy Halloween weekend, everyone! We hope you all have had as much fun as we have so far this weekend! I’ve love to share the photos with you, but Jon is persnickety and insists that we provide blog posts in chronological order. Go figure.

So, LAST week was relatively quiet, which was a nice change.

Owen has now started school (daycare), which is an adjustment for us all. Originally, we wanted him to go three days a week. However, his first two days were particularly bad (wouldn’t eat, wouldn’t sleep), so we decided to push him to full time, to speed his acceptance of the situation. Owen’s room is directly across from Max’s, so the boys get to see each other from time to time, which is nice. Owen still isn’t liking school food that much, but each day he seems to eat a little more and cry a little less, as you’ll see in our Halloween post!

He also realized that he needs to catch up with some of the older kiddos, so he’s now starting to take a few steps here and there. We haven’t managed to video it yet, but hopefully soon.

Last Sunday, we had a great get-together with the Boren family for Dad and Jayden’s birthdays. It was Dad’s 50th and Jayden’s 10th, so there was much to celebrate. It was great to get everyone together, since our busy schedules prevent these gatherings. Hopefully we’ll be able to do it much more often in the future, because Max LOVES seeing his family.


On his head for less than 2 minutes… on the internet FOREVER!


Some good lookin’ birthday family!


Happiest Baby Ever!


Owen hanging with Uncle Steve and Blakely


Owen practicing his walking


Another good lookin’ kid.


Max enjoying radioactive pink icing.


GrandmaC and her boys


A great picture of Max and Aunt Mendi!


Max loves his cousin Tanner!


Pappaw and all the grandkids


Mimi’s turn…

Jon picked up a new kite last week for Max, as he’s been asking to fly a kite for quite a while. Unfortunately, the weather was less than ideal and it was a two-string sport kite, so after 20 minutes of us untangling the strings, we finally gave up. Later in the week, we tried again with better weather and an easier kite. Max really enjoyed his first kite-flying experience. He told the kite, “C’mon kite! You can do it!” as it flew through the air. It was too cute.


Hiding from Daddy


Um, Max?… The kite is over here.

Speaking of cute, I’m going to finish this up, so I can start flagging some of the early Halloween photos!

To see the rest of the photos, click here.

See you later for a Halloween post!

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