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In the week that followed Max’s birthday party, we took a more rationed approach to our activities. This quite literally meant doing nothing, and lots of it. As a result, our contribution to Flickr from that week is limited to a total of five photos. That’s it.

I’m sure we started it with good intentions. There may have even been some kind of plan at the beginning. Whatever the case, it all devolved into something that is actually quite well illustrated with one of our five photos.


It looks like he’s sleeping, but he’s actually trying to look around his brother at the TV.

That’s pretty much how the week felt. Very, very tired.

The only event of note was a very reasonable temperature on Sunday, which enabled us to actually take the boys out for a little fun. Max has been desiring a trip out to our local lake for a little time with his Spongebob fishing pole. Unfortunately, this isn’t a whole lot of fun for Owen.


This shot taken by Christy, who was holding someone who wasn’t very happy. Props on keeping the camera steady.

Fortunately, we had some fast luck, managing to snag a couple of fish in the first couple of casts. Max didn’t mind too much that we only pulled in a few little ones.


No, that’s not the bait.

I honestly wish I could say more about the week, but that’s really it. Thankfully, I happen to have a couple things up my sleeve to pad this out a little.

Showing Off

Good to know he’s learning stuff at school.

Halloween Leftovers

Had to share this one, even though it’s a bit late.

Revenge of the Halloween Leftovers

A couple people got this on their voicemails. Now you can enjoy it too.

That’ll do it for that week. Click here to see the vast expanse of two other photos we took. See you next time!

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