Pre-Christmas Lull

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It’s a New Year, but things feel pretty much like the old year, which is to say we’re way behind on updating this thing again. Excuses? We have plenty of them, ranging from bronchitis to a problematic iPhoto library. Now that we’re all healthy (including the machine), perhaps we can get ourselves caught up. We’ll start with the week before Christmas, which was a nice soft intro for the crazy to come.

It was a pretty mild week, which meant we had a chance to take the boys out one evening for some Christmas light looking. The old house was near a fire station where they put on a pretty good show, so we decided to take the boys over there.

DSC_0170 7

Owen didn’t last long. This was just before I had to carry him off to look at something else for a bit.

DSC_0171 7

Max, on the other hand, stayed through the whole show.

The rest of the week was fairly typical for us. Plenty of time at home, lots of antics from the boys. Owen actually provided most of the entertainment this time around.

DSC_0134 4

For example, this rare occasion when the food is in his mouth rather than on the floor.


He’s finally reached the phase where he wants you to see his tongue as often as possible.

DSC_0150 4

These things have prizes in the bottom, right?

DSC_0159 4

I have stolen this Nintendo DS, and it is mine now.

To close out the weekend, we thought we’d spend a little time baking with Max. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out very well. Fortunately, Max still had fun with the baking process.


First we set them down.


Then we put a little bit of sprinkles on them.


Or, you know, a lot of sprinkles.

That was pretty much it for the week, except that we took Owen in for his 15-month checkup, which means he gets a stat update:

Height: 32.5″ (97th percentile)

Weight: 25 lbs (50th percentile)

He’s about an inch shorter and a pound lighter than his brother was at this point, but you wouldn’t know it watching him bruise around the place. He tests his limits regularly by lifting and carrying around increasingly large items. By now he’s up to his brother’s backpack. Next week I’m sure he’ll be moving furniture around.

That’ll do it for the run-up to Christmas. If you want to see the rest of the photos fro this week, you can click here. I’ll try to work on the Christmas mega-post and get it online tomorrow. We shall see.

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