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We’re still a week behind on our posting, but we’re hoping to get caught up this week and perhaps even get some video out there for your viewing pleasure. When I reviewed the photos for this post, it turns out we actually didn’t take a single photo of Max. He shows up in some video, but the only time he shows up in a photo is as an extra in the background.

I suppose it’s only fair that Owen get a post all to himself, seeing as Max has dozens of them from before his brother came along.

We’ll begin as we sometimes do, with some pandering to the family. Someone who shall remain nameless picked out what turned out to be a great Christmas gift for both boys. The boys just didn’t realize it until several weeks later.


Both boys love the song these Elmo gloves sing.

The week itself was mostly uneventful, save for a bit more illness on my part. Things didn’t really get started until Friday. The kids usually have special days on Friday at school, and this week was Silly Hat Day for Owen. Try as I might, he had no interest at all in keeping his hat on when I dropped him off. Apparently something changed during the day, because when I went to pick him up he’d apparently been wearing the hat for several hours. He continued to wear it in the car all the way home and (uncharacteristically for either boy) he didn’t immediately rip it off his head when the camera came out.


Lucky for you!


For some reason he kept trying to attack me.


Back in the old days, they didn’t wear helmets. This sometimes led to undesirable side effects.

The following morning, I accompanied the little guy to his second week of gym class, and he seemed to be getting the hang of things already. He did refuse to sit down on the air track before it was inflated, but once he realized it was a mini bounce-house, his attitude changed a bit.


You can’t tell from the photo, but he was jumping up and down like a maniac.


He quickly became far too cool for that.

He’s not really into the whole structured play thing, and thus far he prefers the time when they unleash everyone to do whatever they like. This inevitably leads to him laying down just because he can.


You’re paying money for me to do this. Suckers.

But he certainly gets plenty of actual play time in with all the ramps to climb over.


Mmmmm. Ramps.

As with the previous week, his two favorite events were at the very end. First comes the part when they unleash a massive bucket of basketballs.



Then comes the part where they fill the room with bubbles.


I’ve never felt so alive!

That’s really it for the week. Not terribly eventful, but at least we know one of them had a good time. To see the rest of the photos we took, you can click here. Have a good week, everyone!

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