Video Catch-Up Week – Part 4

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I was all ready to get in there and have these up early in the week, then the skies opened up and let loose a bunch of ice and snow and what not. Normally this wouldn’t affect my ability to blog, but when you’re dealing with work and two kids at home all week it puts you in a frame of mind to be exhausted and forget things. We shall press on through the end of all of this, then probably try to post a regularly scheduled (read: late) blog. Tonight’s entry consists of videos of Max and Owen doing things together.

Ball Fun!

As if the jumpolene wasn’t fun enough already.


It’s nice when they can play together with only a moderate possibility of injury.


Film first, discourage behavior later.

That’s it for tonight! I’ll hopefully wrap it all up tomorrow unless a typhoon comes through or something.

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JoAnn Fogle 26 January 2011

Glad your feeling better. Missed you — bunches—
love you all


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