Mother’s Day Weekend

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Now that we’ve given Max a little room to shine, we return to our irregular schedule. Our blog software tells me that this will be our 250th post on the blog. Pretty amazing that we’ve made it this far! I guess we’ll see how many more we can make before our kids insist that we stop posting things about the on the web.

As the title hints, today we’ll be talking about Mother’s Day.

We kicked off the weekend early, as we needed to get some gifts ready to ship out. Max and Owen were happy to help out, as their part involved getting a bit messy.


The backyard is really the best place to do this.


Serious Owen is serious about painting.

Once they’d finished their masterpieces and Owen was whisked elsewhere, Max decided he wasn’t quite finished and wanted to work on a little more art indoors. I snapped a couple of photos before turning on the camera timer to try and catch myself in front of the lens. Max found this a little confusing (he was covering his ears at the beeping until I turned it off), but was fascinated that the camera could take a picture all by itself.


As a dad, it’s my job to ignore such trivialities as face markings.

Saturday brought our normal morning routine. Get up, eat some breakfast, play a little, then whisk the kids away to their respective activities. After a quick bite to eat and what seemed like an even quicker nap, we piled into the car and headed out to Richardson. Mimi had suggested the family spend a little time at an arts festival, and it turned out to be a perfect day for it. Good weather and plenty of activities meant a fun time for all.


Also, there were ducks.


I tried, I really did. This is the face he made, so that’s what we get.

A couple of the kids took turns working on a giant painting, which ate up a surprising chunk of time.


First, Tanner took a crack at it.


Once he was finished, Max and Blakeley took turns switching colors every 30 seconds or so.

We left Max in the care of the family mass and decided to take Owen for a little walk through the art section.


Turns out he’s a sculpture fan, so long as he can mess with them.

When we returned, Max had made a most impressive hat.


The underside is less impressive than the top side, admittedly.


Much better. Also, lemonade boy does not care for my picture taking.


Another one with Christy not trying to hide from me. Lemonade boy still unimpressed.

Mother’s Day arrived and it was decided that Christy would sleep in while Max helped me make some Belgian waffles. Owen somehow sensed what was going on and decided to sleep in about fifteen minutes shy of his mother. Once we finished breakfast, the boys wanted to play some games so we headed upstairs to dust off the Wii Fit board.


Max was super excited about being a penguin again.


Owen was super excited about harassing his brother.

Christy was perfectly content to have a nice lazy day with the boys, and I was happy to oblige. After naptime, she decided to sit everyone down and watch the NBA semi-finals.


This lasted a surprisingly long time.

We’d planned on cooking a meal, but Christy made a request for pizza so, again, I was happy to oblige. We pulled the table halfway into the living room and ate pizza while the boys watched Toy Story 3. We learned that Owen apparently knows who Woody is, since he immediately started yelling “WOODY! WOODY! WOODY!” when he came on the screen. Max responded with, “Owen knows how to say Woody!” This is his standard response whenever he believes his brother has learned a new word.

It was one of the laziest days we’ve had in a while, and I have to admit it was pretty great. Here’s hoping there will be more of them in the future.

That’ll wrap it up for this week! Click here to see the rest of the photos. See you next time!

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