Snow Cones and Buddies

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Looks like we’re running behind again. I managed to slip an update in just before Nan and Papa arrived, but our luck has turned and we’re dealing with further illnesses in our household. More on that next time. For now, I’ll cover the week when we were (mostly) healthy.

Max’s illness lasted through Monday, but we got him back to school and out of TV zombie mode on Tuesday and enjoyed a fairly uneventful week. When Friday rolled around we decided to celebrate our illness-free household by checking out something Christy spotted on the side of the road.


They serve snow cones out of that thing.

While Max and Christy were wooed by the glitz and glamor of high seas piracy…



…I opted for a smaller stand nearby that offered up the closest thing I’ve had to a New Orleans Plum Street snowball. Turns out the kids don’t care about such things.


Including Owen.

Their loss. More bubble gum snow cone for me!


Coulda had blue lips, buddy.

Somehow I managed to completely miss out on snapping any photos while Nan and Papa were there, but rest assured they were there. After they headed home and the boys had their daily nap, we got ourselves ready for a planned outing with one of Max’s buddies.


This of course meant that Max got access to new toys.

The boys had a good time running around in the backyard.


Squirting each other with squirt guns, naturally.

Owen, of course, had his own fun.


We can’t get him to hang off the bars at gym class, but somehow this is fine.

After we herded everyone back inside, we settled in for a delicious feast of barbecue. The meal wound down and somehow Owen and the other little man in the house were released from their seats. They took this as an opportunity to explore the pantry.


Do you think they can see us doing this?

Good times had by all. Memorial Day came and went with as little activity as we could manage.


“We” being the grown ups. The boys were obviously not tired enough to care for our relaxation.

Not a bad mostly sickness free week. To see the rest of the photos, you can click here. See you next time!

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Jenn 13 May 2011

Way to go Max! Can’t wait to see those swimming skills at Nan’s house this summer!


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