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As usual, we’re running a little behind on things around here. This update will cover what happened two weeks ago, when for some reason we had a sick Owen hanging around the house again. A mysterious ailment left him out of school for the second week in a row, but luckily it wasn’t anything serious.


See? He’s fine.

We spent the week hanging out in the evenings and letting Owen and Max chase me around the house with the oven mitts.


This was before I almost fell over backwards by tripping over a chair.

It seems that sometimes when I put an oven mitt on I will walk over to Owen, pretend to pinch his neck, and say “Lobster claw!” Now every so often Owen will walk over to the drawer, open it, pull out an oven mitt, then start running at me at top speed screaming “ROBSTA CRAAAAAA!” It’s as unnerving as it is hilarious.

After a little time out for Christy and I on Saturday (thanks to our very kind babysitter), we spent our Sunday watching my nephew play a couple of innings of baseball.


Owen was more than happy to just cling to his water bottle.


As for Max…well, that’s not his glove but he had fun with it anyway.

It also gave the kids a chance to hang out with their cousins and play around in the stands.


Your eyes. I must have them.


I think he’s wondering where his water bottle went.


He has to remind us that he’s not far from figuring out how to escape his crib.

Not a terribly eventful week, but at least it ended well. If you want to check out the rest of the photos from the week, you can click here. Hopefully I’ll be able to get things caught up over the next few days. See you then!

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Dad 21 May 2011

So, what you are saying is, I haven’t been funny since 1987?


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