Fourth of July

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The long weekend was quite eventful, which resulted in a longer than usual recovery. Luckily I’m still within the window to get an on-time post done. I even managed to get some video processed for everyone to enjoy. Now, without further ado, we’ll talk a bit about Owen and fireworks and swimming.

We’ll start with a note I made to myself so I wouldn’t forget to mention it here. Owen is becoming more and more vocal at the dinner table, and this week he decided he wanted to show some affection. First he turned to his mom and said, “I love you, Mommy!” Then, “I love you, Daddy!” Then he peered across the table and gave a nice, hearty, “I love you, Max!” We thought he was finished, but then he said, “I love you, Owen!”

…and now you know why I wrote the note.

With the fourth falling on a Monday, our fireworks presentation happened to fall on Saturday. On the way to our planned firework watching spot, we took a detour and wound up finding one that was pretty much perfect. Then we waited.


..and watched…


…and watched some more…


…and waited some more…

…then it happened. Somewhere around two hours past their bedtime, the kids finally got to enjoy a nice big firework show.


I somehow got him to stand there for a half-second while I took this.

Owen sat in his mom’s lap and made pretty much the same face you see in the first picture above. He wasn’t happy, wasn’t sad, wasn’t really much of anything. At the very least, we can say he didn’t dislike his first firework show. When we asked what Max liked the most he told us, “The end!” Have to agree, the finale is always the best part.

Sunday rolled through and we headed up to Sherman for a patriotic concert and a visit with a subset of the cousins on that side of the family.



Oh, please. You had fun.



Once we’d finished off dinner we decided to take everyone out for a swim in the pool. Did I mention that Max had a make-up swim class on Friday? No? Well, we knew he’d be in the pool three days in a row, so we thought we’d get him something to keep his eyes from becoming permanently bloodshot from the chlorine.


He was pretty happy about it.


So was his brother.

The kids all had a good time playing around in the pool, and Casen had some fun with a never-ending stream of wasps that kept landing on the pool.


I think he killed about 30 of them with that board.

Luckily no one got hurt.


Not even Owen. No, I did not jump off the board with him.

The little guy saw his brother up on that thing over and over again, and I came down to keep an eye on him for a while. I asked him what he wanted to do, and he kept repeating, “Diving board…diving board…diving board…” I took him up there and carefully walked him to the end. Daredevil though he may be, much to his mother’s relief he was not interested in jumping. Not yet, at least.

Monday was a much more sedate day, thankfully. We hung out with the boys in the morning, surprised Max with a trip to the movies (Cars 2) in the afternoon, rode the carousel (Owen actually sat on a horse), and headed home to pass out.

If you want to check out a couple more photos from the weekend, you can click here. If not, or once you get back, you can enjoy these nice, timely videos.

Dancing Kiddos

Thank you, YouTube, for providing bizarre music that makes kids boogie.

Diving Max

Minor injury isn’t going to keep him off these things.

See you next week!

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