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…yeah. We had kind of an uneventful week. See, we normally finish out the week and I take a look at the camera and all these memories flash by to remind me that I need to let everyone know that the boys have been active and entertaining. This week I looked through the photos and it turns out we only took two that really turned out.

We’ll start with Owen, who demanded that I lower the springy ball bucket so he could do this.


I don’t know either, but he liked it.

But really the big news of the week is that after weeks of forgetting and just being too busy to do it, we finally gave Max a long overdue reward for having a streak of really good days at school.


His name is Blowfish, and both of the kids find him hilarious.

Seeing as that’s pretty much all we captured this week, I think it’s high time I got around to doling out that backlog of videos I got processed a few weeks back. Today I’ll delve into the set that shows off both boys being quite goofy.


Ahh, such polite table manners when we’re eating out.

Nyan Nyan

Nyan cat, brought to you by the mighty Internet.


Always nice to have a quiet car when you’re trying to pay attention to the road.

We’ll see what I can do about turning this into a daily thing through Friday. See you tomorrow!

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