Mimi and Pappaw Come to Swim

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Last week was fairly uneventful for the most part. We really only managed to catch some photos when a set of grandparents came down to have a little fun down at the pool with us.

Of course, that had to wait a little bit while the boys played with the new toy Mimi brought for them.


Grabby robot arm!


They spent about the next twenty minutes stealing it from each other.

Further proof that we’ll just have to buy two of everything from now on. Luckily they moved on eventually and started messing around with other stuff in the room.


Not sure I could have captured a more appropriate image than that.

Shortly thereafter, it was time to head down for some swimming.


What, you thought grabby robot arm was staying at home?


Owen spent much of the time squirting people.


Max spent most of the time using the grabber arm to pick things up off the bottom of the pool.

We headed home (as did the grandparents and Joann) and the boys got some much needed rest. We awoke the next morning and hung out around the house while…


Oh, hi Owen. Enjoying the duck?


That sure is a lot of balls. Maybe we should close that up so we don’t…


…yeah. Saw that coming.

As usual, we’ll fill you in on Owen’s amusing new behaviors for the week. The majority of it has taken place at the table this week. He’s started trying to reprimand his brother (something Max has done a little too much with Owen). The other day Max was acting up and Owen said, “Max go to time out.” He’s also been telling us to be quiet. “Max, be quiet.” “Daddy, be quiet.”

Thankfully, it’s not all questionable behavior. He’s also graduated to big kid cups at the table. This creates an unnerving amount of tension during meal times. About half of the time he does perfectly, just drinks out of his cup, asks for more when he polishes it off, and generally acts as he should. A quarter of the time he waits until we’re not paying attention and purposefully dumps the contents of his cup out on the table. The last quarter, he dumps it out even when I’m paying attention and have my hand right there to try and stop him from doing it. Progress on this is slow, but sure.

Owen has also turned into an iPod fiend just like his brother. He knows how to unlock it and find his games to entertain himself. He also knows that, because mommy and daddy use the iPod as an alarm clock, it can usually be found on our bed. This means that any time we let him get up on our bed, he immediately starts digging under all the pillows and stripping the sheets off to try and locate it. Only when he fails to find it on his own will he turn to me and say, “Where iPod, daddy?”

That’ll do it for this week. All that’s left is to leave you a link to the rest of the photos and…oh, what’s this? VIDEOS, that’s what.


Don’t ask. We don’t know either.


If we allowed them to do this all day, I’m pretty sure it’s all they’d do.

Table Fun

Just a note for those who think Owen is shy and quiet all the time. Includes a visual for one of the aforementioned Owen behaviors.


He’s gonna be a soccer player. We cannot figure out why he does that with his arm.

With that, I’m done. See you next week!


Peace out.

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