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We had the kids home a couple of nights this week and it led me to being a bit lazy. This has resulted in me being a day short of getting a post in on time. I’ll make up for it next time with a healthy dose of amusing photos and videos. For now, I’ll just discuss the two parties we attended last week.

The first party took place at school, where Max was finishing out his school year in preparation to move up to his next class. Max has a habit of volunteering us for things without letting us know ahead of time. When movie days rolled around we almost always got volunteered to bring in a movie or popsicles (or both). This time he told his teacher we were bringing in a ladybug cookie cake.


So we did that.


I believe he was satisfied with the result.

The weekend past as usual, with swim class and hanging out around the house. Were you to look in on us, you’d certainly see something like this happening:


Max started using his chair as a footrest, so Owen dragged the other one over.

We received an invite to go visit Mimi and Pappaw for lunch, so we decided it was time to get the goofballs out for a bit of time with their cousins.


We arrived to find another set of goofballs hard at work.

Mimi, in an apparent disregard for child labor laws, had turned her home into a temporary restaurant. The kids hammed it up and welcomed us to “Grandma’s Grub”, each of them doing their part.


There was even a round of drink orders. My compliments to whoever taught this kid to mix a Manhattan.

We enjoyed a nice meal and spent the rest of the afternoon hanging out with the family.


Tanner taught Max how to throw stuff in the house.


Max explained that you win the game by making the monkeys fall down.


Owen did a hundred million somersaults on Mimi and Pappaw’s bed.


Max and Mimi did a little bit of artwork…


…and Owen demanded equal treatment.

We headed home, coasted through the rest of the day, and settled in to get some rest to prepare us for a temporary end to our uneventful weekdays.

If you want to see the rest of the photos, you can see them here.

See you next time!

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