A Lesser Week

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After last week’s photopalooza, we thought we’d take it a little easier. Instead of going crazy with balloons and extensive trips out of the house we kept things much more local.

This of course meant cracking open our newly acquired sandbox.


Thanks, Mimi and Pappaw!

Max quickly became obsessed with trying to uncover whatever treasures might be held within. He quickly located a shell and has since spent far too much time thinking about it. He wants to know where it is, he wants to hold it, he wants to make sure it’s safe. Guess we won’t be reburying it anytime soon.

The weekend arrived, and we relished the opportunity to do as little as possible. We did so all the way through naptime, after which Owen decided it would be a great idea to go and wake up his brother.


Or to join him. Always an adventure.

We continued in our do-nothingness until Sunday, when we finally relented and had one of Max’s best buddies over for a quick play date.


We started with ring pops and TV.


Then we moved on to explaining all of our toys to Drew.


Then the inevitable bounce house playtime.


…and the inevitable post-bounce house playtime rest period.


Then some more explaining all the toys.


Then a bit of freeform playdoh time.

We finished it up with a little more bounce house time and before we knew it the little guy was headed back home. Everyone seemed to have a pretty good time, so I’m sure we’ll be doing more of that before too long.

Like I said, it was a pretty uneventful kind of week. In fact, there’s only one photo we didn’t post. If you want to see it, you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time. Have a good week!

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