Halloween Preview and Pudding

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For some reason the members of our household have endured a constant barrage of mystery ailments over the past few weeks. Luckily this week’s issue involves me pulling muscles in my legs during a company softball game, so I’m mostly incapacitated. This is conducive to blog posting, so perhaps I’ll get things caught up around here. Today’s post will be a quick one, given that we took a whopping six photos during the first full week of October.

It wasn’t all photo taking, though. We also continue to be amused by new behavior with the kids. Back when Max first started talking we decided to keep track of how many words he was learning so we could have some idea of his progress. We considered doing this for Owen but quickly gave up as his vocabulary is advancing faster than we can keep up with it. He’s a huge fan of music, so singing songs has helped him learn a lot of new words. His current favorite is “Butterfly drivin’ a truck, yeah yeah!”

My personal favorite is one he uses every time I dare to question his behavior.

“Owen, why did you take your socks off?”


“Owen, why are you tearing pages out of that catalog?”


It’s a nice catch-all for him, really. Max, on the other hand, has started flexing his imagination. It’s rare that we have an evening where he hasn’t invented a new word or game or drawn a picture to describe to us. He’s been very interested in coming up with fantastical things to build in our backyard. He recently got a bit upset with me when I explained to him that we’ll have to just imagine his Snake Reholder, which is a machine that picks up and throws snakes and has a seat you can sit on so you can drive it around and also it blows bubbles everywhere.

Both of them, though, are really digging their Halloween costumes. I don’t know what it is about them, but they both get super excited and run all over the house whenever they put them on.


What, you thought you were getting a full reveal before Halloween?


You’ll just have to settle with this for now.

The only other photo-worthy thing that happened (aside from getting those costumes in) was that we decided to make some dessert for the boys.


I think someone wants to lick the whisk.


Rite of passage, as far as I’m concerned.


Can’t take his eyes off it.

Don’t worry, no raw eggs were involved. Just a bit of chocolate pudding. This is now Owen’s favorite dessert, and he will often finish a meal by yelling “CHOOOOCAAAT PUUUUDIIIIN”. Yet another situation in which I find something hilarious but cannot encourage it under any circumstances.

The weekend was a relaxed one, mostly spent hanging around the house and recovering. This brings us to the last photo of the week.


This is what “relaxing” looks like to Owen.

The week after that was a bit more eventful, but we’ll get to that later. Seeing as I have no more photos for you I won’t bother linking you to the full set. I will, however, make up for weeks of missed posts by giving you a quick peek at some of Owen’s bedtime behavior.

Shut It

THIS is how you close a door. Like a boss.

See you next time!

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