Bowling, Partying, and Arboretuming

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You bet I verbed it. I also just verbed “verb”. Deal with it.

Grammar humor that only Christy will appreciate aside, we now continue our weeks-behind update process to bring you a story of black lights, popped balloons, and wishful thinking.

It all began with a teacher in-service day. Having both kids out of school meant it was a perfect time to take a day off and have a little fun. We proceeded through our usual routine of playing around the house but decided that the boys might enjoy something a little different.


Like trippy black light bowling.


With and without ramps.

Owen wound up outscoring Max by a scant two pins. I consider it a victory that we managed to keep them going for ten frames.

The rest of the week was a bit of a blur, so as usual we’ll skip to the weekend. On Saturday morning we continued working through Max’s class roster of Fall birthdays. The theme was Strawberry Shortcake, which was just fine with the boys.


Because hey, berry patch.

For the first time in Max’s life, he sat down to have his face painted. He was given an open-ended opportunity to have anything at all.


“I want a circle!”

He continues to defy anyone’s predictive abilities. The birthday girl (not pictured below) decided to entertain her guests by putting on a movie.


Needless to say, Max was pleased.

Next came the berry patch activity, which turned out to be even more fun than just stealing the balloons and walking around with them.


There were toys inside, just waiting to be released.


Balloons are apparently more resilient than we’d thought.


Perseverance, though, often leads to victory.

We rounded out the party with some cake and toys.


Mostly cake.

Then we headed home to charge all of our camera batteries for the onslaught to come on Sunday. We’d been talking about heading out to the arboretum for quite some time, and we finally found an opportunity to do so with some family members in tow. The place was a madhouse, but we managed to snap a few fun pictures.


Not looking at me, but smiling so I’ll take it.


Owen has officially adopted “stinkface” as his “cheese” face.


It’s tough to get a photo when they won’t stop messing with each other and you have to pretend you don’t think it’s funny.


Hooray! A decent one of everyone!


More stinkface.


All the stinkface you could possibly need (and some nice faces).


Obligatory “Just let them run. I’ll see what I can get.” photo.


Obligatory photo of Owen and his favorite uncle (it’s a height thing, I’m sure).


Entirely necessary photo to explain why Owen isn’t in the next photo.


…and finally, a decent photo with the grandparents. No idea how far away Owen was by this point.

Of course, we took plenty more while we were out there. You can check those out here. We remain two weeks behind, but I shall endeavor to fix that before Max’s birthday so we can keep everyone up on what’s going on. Have a good week!

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Nan 04 October 2011

I am way behind on looking at my email. These pictures and videos are adorable. Makes me miss you guys!!! Love, Nan


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