Pre-Birthday Week

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Yet another on-time post has slipped through my fingers. We spent so much time getting ready for the party that I completely missed it. No biggie, since this should be a quick one. We already have the photos from Max’s party in the queue so we should have that up later this week. Today, we’ll address what happened before the madness set in.

Before I get down to the photo posting, I’ll share a moment from our breakfast table. Our usual meal progression involves getting a main course on the plate (I believe pancakes on this particular morning) then asking the kids what they’d like for their fruit. This time, Max decided to take over the quiz.

Max: “Owen, you can pick from strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries. What do you want?”

Owen: “TRUCKS!”

I guess this is what happens when we get him nothing but trucks for his birthday.

Speaking of morning routines, the cold weather and Owen’s penchant for kicking off his blanket has made it necessary to keep him in socks overnight. The result is that he comes to the breakfast table in PJs and socks.


Not that it stays that way for long.

That was how we started the weekend. We progressed into a fairly typical routine.


A bit of playtime.


A bit of baking time.


A bit of yelling into paper megaphone time.

A fairly uneventful weekend, really, except that on Sunday we decided to take the boys out for a bit of an art project.


Our resident architect was glad to oblige.

Christy decided that it would be a good idea to get the kids involved in an heirloom making project.


Seeing as this meant finger-painting, Max was cool with it.


Owen was slightly less down with it.

I only managed to grab that one photo of Owen, as it took both of us to keep him from smudging all of his colors together. At the end of the day, our art project actually seemed to turn out pretty well.


The tough part.


Owen was much more interested in this part.


Not too shabby.

After that, we all headed home to hang out the rest of the evening.


Max played a little basketball to close out the day.

Not the most fun-filled weekend, but we had to save up some energy for the week to come. If you want to see a couple more photos of the week, you can click here. Otherwise, we’ll see you next time with what I assure you will be a timely and quite lengthy post filled with birthday photos and videos.

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